Frances Johnson

What Social Media Taught Me

I’m not a big fan of promoting myself or my work, which is pretty obvious in my social media stats.  I don’t particularly care for attention, mostly because I got too much of that as an only child and past performer.  That’s more of a joke than anything.

My goal for this class was to learn how to use social media effectively.  I’d been a follower of outlets that are experts and wanted to know what it took to potentially become one of them.  Even though I grew up when social media was created and on the rise, I was too young to realize the importance of it until recently.  It’s revolutionized the news industry.

One major thing I learned from this course is the importance of engagement and your audience.  Hashtags and @-mentions are crucial for tracking and interaction, and with so many people active on social media, it’s important to have a lot of blue in your tweets to get a following.  I tried incorporating as many hashtags and @-mentions in my tweets, which I believe helped my stats to some extent.  But here’s the catch:  I’m terrible at social media engagement.  I don’t like the idea of scheduling tweets or being wired 24/7 because it really takes away from my experience with what’s around me, like my friends and places I want to see.

I don’t think I mentioned my future plans in my presentation, so I’ll talk about it here.  I’m graduating in 28 days and frantically looking for jobs.  I don’t have plans to go into what I studied in college, journalism and politics.  Not immediately, at least.  I’m hoping to get a job in higher education administration, specifically admissions.  After a few years, I want to go into the public sector and work for the Department of Education to reform the public education system, anywhere from kindergarten to college.

I’ll be using quite a bit of social media to engage prospective students, as I already do here working for the admissions office.  So I definitely won’t escape it, but I’ll gingerly embrace it when the time comes again.


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