Frances Johnson

The Switch from Website to Mobile

You read the title right.  We’ve all heard that breaking news and other forms of media have moved away from print into digital, but the definition of digital has changed drastically in the past five years or so.

Digital used to mean publishing to a website or blog as soon as possible.  But in this day and age, and speaking with Katie Kramer and Christine Loman from, digital now means “mobile.”  That means immediacy is in high demand to post breaking content as soon as possible.

In 2013, 170 employees from the Syracuse Media Group moved to a different building away from its print offices.  The new office was — and still is — dedicated to digital content.  With the emergence of social media platforms, it is crucial to put out content in a timely manner, especially when that’s what audiences are asking for.


Going mobile has been a breakthrough for breaking news, as seen in the Boston bombings in 2013.  But it’s really easy to make mistakes because breaking news is like a game of telephone:  one person hears one thing, reports it, and another person hears something completely different and reports that.

News outlets and journalists have to be careful of that.  As Loman said, it’s safer to be correct and slow than wrong and quick.


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