Frances Johnson

Fleeing to Canada

By now, it shouldn’t surprise you when I say that I watched almost the entirety of the Super Tuesday coverage this past week.  Election season is like my version of fantasy sports:  I get really excited for it.  I’ve watched a couple of the Democratic and Republican debates when I don’t have things due the next day.  I read incessantly about candidates and which candidates will win certain states.  I’m wired to the news nonstop during this time.

If there’s one thing I can tell you about people my age and their feelings about this year’s presidential election, they’re scared.  They’re scared that Donald Trump actually has a chance of winning the election, which is why they’re finally paying attention and voting to try and change things.  Pete Davidson, SNL’s “resident young person,” puts it perfectly in his Trumpdate:

We’ve heard it all before:  If Trump gets elected, a bunch of people are fleeing to Canada.  The LA Times interviewed some people in Ottawa to get their opinions on the idea and claim that Americans are making about moving to Canada if Trump indeed does become the president.  Most of them don’t seem too worried, and the second response made me cringe…a lot.

Searches for immigrating to Canada shot up 350 percent on Super Tuesday and skyrocketed to 1,150 percent the following day.

The optimistic side of me, which is pretty small, is confident enough that the American people aren’t stupid enough elect Trump.  But when I asked my dad if he had confidence, his response was, “They voted for Bush…twice.  And Reagan…twice.”  I’ll leave it to you to figure out where my family stands politically.

I don’t know how serious anyone is about moving to another country, but trust me when I say moving to another country and adjusting isn’t easy.  It took me several years to get used to the U.S. despite being born here.  Canada is another Western country, but you’d have to get used to the metric system, their monetary system and a socialist democracy (socialism isn’t a dirty word up in the Great White North).

My dad has made comments about moving and was pretty serious about it when Bush got re-elected in 2004.  Obviously, that didn’t happen, but moving back to Taiwan is always an option for us because my mom and I are still citizens of the small island and it wouldn’t be too hard for my dad to stay because he’s married to a citizen.  My mom is pretty against the idea because the opposition party in Taiwan (the people who want to declare full independence from China and get on China’s bad side) just won the presidential election.  So, who knows?  I doubt my parents will move because they’ve still got another 10 years until retirement, but I wouldn’t be that surprised if they decided to move.

As for me, I still have some confidence that the GOP wouldn’t be that stupid to appoint Trump as their nominee.  If they are, I’ll just have to hope that the people of this glorious country won’t be stupid enough to elect him as their leader.

P.S.  There are primaries and caucuses today and tomorrow!  Yay!


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