Frances Johnson

What Mobile Live Streaming Means for Journalism

Less than a year ago, Twitter launched Periscope, and it would change the way breaking news is covered.

Periscope is a video live streaming app for both iOS and Android.  Users can download the app and show the rest of the world what is going on in their personal lives or their surroundings.

Many Periscope live streams are silly, with people brushing their teeth or documenting a college house party, but others are practical and serious.  The creators of Periscope, Kayvon Beykpour and Joe Bernstein, were traveling through Turkey when protests broke out in Taksim Square in Istanbul.  Neither of them were able to see live action through the Tweets they were following, which gave them the idea of live streaming.

Today, many news outlets and other big companies and sectors are using Periscope to show their audience live content.  If news outlets are using Periscope, it could potentially beat out the need for traditional broadcast news.  Because Periscope is so easy to use and access, it will eliminate the need for a camera crew and a bunch of equipment.  Of course, Periscope’s quality is nothing like broadcast cameras, but it’s convenient — and that’s what viewers are looking for.

This also means that anyone can break the news when something major is happening.  Regular citizens with no formal journalism training can join in on the reporting game with Periscope by tweeting the link to their live stream.

Live streaming is truly revolutionary and can take news in a very different direction in the near future.


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