Frances Johnson

Second Place Still Gets Attention

If you’re like me and love election season — including midterm elections — you’ve definitely been following the 2016 presidential election.  It’s still primary season, which is pretty exciting because no one is sure who’s going to win the nomination from either party.  Candidates are dropping out left and right (tears for Martin O’Malley).  But some are still in the race, even if they’ve been virtually unheard of.

Most recently, New Hampshire residents voted in their primary on Tuesday.  The results weren’t that surprising:  Bernie Sanders came out on top for the Democratic Party and Donald Trump for the Republican Party.  But the big surprise was for who came in second for the Republican Party:  John Kasich.

Who the hell is John Kasich?  Well, he announced he was running for president last April.  The governor of Ohio is virtually unknown in the election.  He gained one delegate during the Iowa caucus.  However, he managed to come in second in the New Hampshire primary, beating Ted Cruz — the winner of the Iowa caucus — and Marco Rubio.

I was very confused to learn that someone ,whose name most people do not know, did so well in a battleground swing state.  What does this mean?  Maybe Kasich will come in the top five for other states and other lower-ranked delegates will have a shot at the top few, like Ben Carson.


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